Modified 30 March 2020 by Eugen Plesa

The worst of times often brings out the best in people and there are lots of organizations, individuals and volunteers who are offering support, advice and information to help the wider community as we face the global challenge of coronavirus. The Overdrive team wants to do our part to keep you connected, to share information and resources and help in the fight against COVID-19. So if you are new to Overdrive and your site is related to coronavirus, then it's on us.

If you are an NFP organization or in Education and you want to set up a dedicated site to help a community, a group or individuals, then please get in touch to register for your free site*.

Please use this form to request your free site.

Please note that in order to provide a helpdesk service for your free site, secure support access is required.

* Your site will be free of charge through to the 30th September 2020.