Share all kinds of Drive and G Suite content automatically through OverDRIVE Meet, including Agendas,
Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendars, Documents and even videos

Quick and simple

Set up an OverDRIVE Meet site in minutes. Access a site from anywhere and any device. Keep the site for regular meetings or simply discard it when you’ve finished.

Immediately updated

Work on materials collaboratively and remotely, right up to the last minute. All actions can be instantly recorded, so everything is always accurate and completely up to date.

Paperless and efficient

Don’t bring papers and documents into meetings. Whether you are in a hotel or on a train, or actually sitting in a meeting, you get a great view. Catch up later if you wish.

Board | Sales | Marketing | Project | Ad hoc | Team

“Like many companies, we run regular board meetings. It’s always difficult to make sure that the final documents are ready and available on time and also, we have
external directors who prefer to use an iPad or other tablet for prep work or during the meeting. OverDRIVE Meet has transformed our approach and things run much more efficiently now so we can get on with the important stuff without distraction.”

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