Published 26 September 2016 by Amanda Fisher

informationresources-orange-laptop.pngCompany intranet

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  • Easily create an intranet for staff, keep them up to date with key information and provide controlled access to documents and files

    It’s important to keep staff up to date with key information about the company, team, key projects, training, etc. so that they can fully understand the role they play within the team, the company and delivery of strategy and plans. OverDRIVE is a great way to provide information resources or an intranet for staff. If documents or resources already exist such as a company handbook, health and safety policy or company logos, you don’t need to recreate them; they are already there in Drive and will be automatically updated to the website as you make changes. It’s also a great way to share files, images and other digital resources.

    “An intranet which mirrors our Google Drive structure... brings our files to life”

    Matthew Nichols, Sales Director, Aerofoam Industries