OverDRIVE in Maintenance Management

Keeping on top of routine and preventative maintenance is key to the success and efficiency of any organisation.

Automatically better

The OverDRIVE Maintenance Management solution offers automatic scheduling which allows maintenance teams to see at a glance which inspections are required, plus any outstanding defects in need of attention. Engineers can record and upload photos, submit detailed feedback on individual components, report defects and record which parts are required. An OverDRIVE site is used for reporting and provides a live, instantly updatable and easily accessible online status for teams locally, nationally or internationally.

" We’ve gone from a manual site by site system that relied heavily on individuals and local knowledge, to an online nationwide maintenance management and reporting system using a mobile app and an OverDRIVE site. The automatic scheduling and new level of reporting means that we can instantly see a detailed picture of plant and sites nationwide, which is available to everyone and is constantly updated. " Read more

Gareth Jones. National Manufacturing Optimisation Manager - Tarmac