OverDRIVE in Permit Management

Effective management of permits for contractors, visitors and even staff is vital for the smooth running of any organisation and also for effective Health and Safety.

Automatically better

The OverDRIVE Permit Management online system generates and manages permit requests and an OverDRIVE site provides management and reporting. Teams have online access from any device to monitor and approve applications and with automatic synching and live reporting, it’s easy to access and simple to manage permits anytime and anywhere.

" The original paper based system had become inefficient and other electronic alternatives were costly and would have taken considerable time to develop, so using our existing Google platform and combining it with an OverDRIVE site was an ideal solution. The new online setup is simple for our team to use, the site is user friendly and it’s been a quick, cost effective and smart way to solve what was becoming a challenging problem. " Read more

London Met University