Published 19 October 2016 by Amanda Fisher

Helpdesk service

You get great support with OverDRIVE!  

We provide a comprehensive online support service through our dedicated helpdesk  and as most organisations use the standard OverDRIVE service, that level of support is included within the licence fee. You get an online account so you can raise and monitor tickets; or if you prefer, you can also raise a support ticket by email.

Deployment and training

We provide guidance on deploying and using OverDRIVE, just take a wander around our Support pages and for Setup instructions and User Guide, please see Product Help.

Product enquiry

If you have an enquiry about OverDRIVE or any questions about the product please contact us using the details below or try our FAQs:

By Email:

By Phone:

+44 113 394 4651