Modified 07 September 2018 by Amanda Fisher

We have five or six different projects running at the same time. Can I have more than one OverDRIVE site? What happens with user subscriptions?

Yes you can have multiple OverDRIVE sites. There is no per site fee and a licensed user can access more than one OverDRIVE site without additional charge.

How is OverDRIVE deployed?

We offer free webinars on setting up OverDRIVE sites. We also offer online consultancy workshops, typically 2 hours, where we can help you to set up your site, provide advice and answer any questions that you have.

Why is it different from Google Sites?

OverDRIVE is much more powerful than Sites and provides a great experience for users and administrators. Key advantages and differences include:

  • automatic generation of the workspace or web portal from selected content in Drive
  • automatic updating of content and site navigation
  • authorised users can edit Google docs from within OverDRIVE
  • non-Google integrations and data
  • advanced filtering and search
  • advanced page embed choices
  • responsive template for different screen sizes
  • flexible design options
  • Gmail integration
  • customisation and bespoke options

Where are my OverDRIVE sites hosted?

OverDRIVE sites are hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with locations in the US and Europe and more planned. Our aim is to provide you with a choice of locations when you create an OverDRIVE site.

What security do you provide for sites?

OverDRIVE has built-in security through Google and this controls the logins to your OverDRIVE sites as well as access to pages and files. You have the option to strengthen security on your Google account by using 2-step verification. OverDRIVE data is encrypted at rest.

What if I want some pages to be externally accessible?

Just change the permissions on the corresponding folder in Drive. The flexibility in OverDRIVE is immense and authorised editors can change permissions on individual pages as many times as they need. There is also the option to make a site public.

I want to make some changes to the standard design template or themes which are provided with an OverDRIVE site. What are my options?

You can make changes with the various configuration options or by adding CSS using Site Settings > Developers > CSS. Further information is available on our help site. There is also the option to create a more advanced custom design like the one on this site. Please enquire if you wish to know more.

Do OverDRIVE sites support Google Analytics?

Yes, adding a Google Analytics tracking code into your site will allow you monitor traffic to your site and gain deep insights into behavior.

Is an OverDRIVE site “responsive”? Will I be able to use an OverDRIVE site from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, OverDRIVE sites are mobile responsive so pages will adapt to different screen sizes and devices such as phones and tablets.

Do I need to know anything about HTML, CSS, JS, FTP, SSL?

Although you can customise your site using CSS and JS, you do not need any specialist knowledge. Page editors simply need to know how to create Drive folders and edit Google Documents/Sheets/Slides - OverDRIVE does the rest. It really couldn’t be easier!

Do visitors to an OverDRIVE site need a Google account?

In order to sign in to the site to access secure pages and files, they’ll need a Google account or they can sign in using email address and password. It will also soon be possible to sign in using Facebook or Twitter.

How do I delete an OverDRIVE site?

An authorised administrator can delete an OverDRIVE site through Site Settings > About.

Can I make my OverDRIVE site public?

Yes you can. This is available on request to all customers with an OverDRIVE subscription.

We don’t currently use Google Drive. Can we still use OverDRIVE?

Yes, you can. Your domain users will need access to Drive and this is available through a G Suite Basic subscription which is from $50 per user per annum. As a Google Cloud and Education Partner we can advise on this and subject to your location, set up the subscriptions for you. Then you’ll be able to upload documents to Drive and use the fantastic collaboration features as well if you wish but most users will only use the OverDRIVE web portal and won’t be aware of Drive. G Suite (formerly Google Apps) provides a range of other powerful features and capabilities, notably email, but they are optional - all you need for OverDRIVE is Drive itself so if you only need access for a department or a project team, there is no need for a company-wide decision on adopting Google although it’s an option for you to consider in the future.