Modified 27 November 2018 by Mark Williams

We’ve made some changes to the OverDRIVE User Settings interface. Users can now be set as either an Editor or a Viewer, to reflect the recent pricing change and only Editors can be given Admin roles.

We’ve also made some improvements to the List view and the way new users are added - giving you more control over user management. For the full list of changes see below.

User List

  • Column picker - add or remove data columns
  • New users now appear at the top
  • Last setup remembered when you exit - so you can set your ideal view and always see it

User View

  • Users can be set to Editor or Viewer roles
  • Only Editors can be given Admin roles
  • The login method last used by a User (Google, Email, Facebook) is shown by an icon
  • Option to resend the user invitation email

Add New User

  • New users can be set as Editor or Viewer
  • Option to set Admin roles when adding users has been removed
  • Users can be added to Groups at new user stage
  • Email invitation choice is remembered for future