Modified 20 December 2019 by Vicki Rayner

Project Workspaces

Ditch the clunky project management software and keep your projects running smoothly by creating a project workspace using just your Google Drive files and folders. OverDRIVE lets you share your relevant project data in one place in a quick and simple way, so you keep your team connected and your project on track.

Projects can get complicated, even for the most organised of people. Most files you share will likely be emailed and can get lost in inboxes.  You might need to track down a proposal document you sent right at the beginning of a project, or perhaps your client needs the first draft copy from weeks ago. Although you might have all your files and content in one place, in your Google Drive, it can be difficult to keep on track of projects and remember which files and folders you’ve shared with colleagues or clients and who has access to what.

Imagine having one place where you and your clients can login at anytime to check up on the status of a project that doesn’t need bespoke project management software, builds itself automatically and is so smart it even updates itself. By surfacing Drive and other external content into an OverDRIVE site, resources such as plans, drawings, specifications, minutes of meetings and documents can be displayed in an accessible and user-friendly way for project staff; not only that, you can provide controlled and secure access for external members of the team such as contractors and partners.

You can also add Workflows to your workspace so you can plan, track and monitor each aspect of your project and review the status along the way. Workflows are built using Drive documents with an approval process and email notifications, so nothing is missed.  You can also easily share other information from G Suite such as maps and calendars or bring in external data such as a SmartSheet or an Awesome Table  to help your project stay completely on track.