Published 01 September 2016 by Amanda Fisher

  • Really Useful
    OverDRIVE can be used for project workspaces, intranets, extranets, education portals, digital asset stores and much more.    
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  • Take a tour
    Find out what OverDRIVE is all about now and where it could take you in the future.    
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  • Fabulous Features
    We've packed in lots of features that make it easy to produce a great looking and hard working site.                                                              

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  • Users first
    Cloud Computing and Software as a Service let us work collaboratively and conveniently, but our data is still separated into applications, which can be difficult to integrate in a way that really helps users.  OverDRIVE is a simple way to publish and manage that information.  
  • Automatically there
    Starting with Google Drive, OverDRIVE integrates with a growing list of cloud services to pull data together and automatically build a project workspace or web portal where and when it's most useful.
  • Flexible and powerful
    OverDRIVE has a flexible and customisable website front-end, which is fully integrated with Drive, so you have secure and scalable document storage with a built-in collaboration feature too. There is no software to install and you only use a browser, so it's nimble and easy to use.
  • Clever Simplicity
    With OverDRIVE the site's pages, permissions and navigation are automatically updated whenever you change the content in Google Drive. This means that you can create and securely publish content to share with people inside and outside your organization in a few simple clicks.
  • The Difference
    - No software to install as you only use a browser
    - No content management system (CMS)
    - No need for specialist know how
    - No hefty price tag unlike traditional solutions
  • On the Way
    There are some exciting new features on the way including Gmail integration, so you’ll be able to view project emails in an OverDRIVE portal. We’re also working on CRM integrations to streamline organisations further and we’ll be connecting to cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Salesforce and

Visit our demo site to see an OverDRIVE site at work.